Scotties Christmas Blend

Scotties Christmas Blend

Just like taxes and death, Christmas is inevitable. Whether you’re decking the halls or kicking over festive displays in Sainsbury’s, we know one thing’s for sure – no matter the season, you love coffee. And because you love coffee, we’re bringing you a brand new blend of Scotties to help ease those prosecco hangovers.

Scotties are always striving to bring you the best beans and blends each season, and the festive period is no different. But instead of pouring sugary syrups into our coffee, sticking it into a red cup and calling it a ‘Christmas drink’, we’ve been working hard to source the perfect seasonal blend that gives you all the taste with none of the nonsense.

This year we’re launching a special seasonal batch of Scotties Coffee specifically for you to take home. Whilst our regular blend will still be served at all our sites, our customers have the opportunity to buy their retail coffee in our new Christmas blend. It’ll help even the biggest Scrooge feel like putting on an ugly jumper and sticking on some Shakin’ Stevens.


With a pleasant acidity and round body, the Scotties Christmas Blend has an aroma of marzipan with hints of festive cinnamon.

We’ve meticulously sourced beans for this new coffee, with 40% Costa Rican Hermosa, 40% Kenyan and 20% Guatemalan beans, making it 100% perfect on Christmas morning.

This blend is available to pre-order on Monday’s from all of our Scotties sites. It comes in 250g bags for £7. We grind it to order for a French press, stove top, V60, espresso or whole bean. It’s the perfect present for that coffee lover in your life, or just something to remember us by while we enjoy the Christmas break.