A good coffee machine and the finest beans is not the only component to make the perfect cup of coffee. You’ll need skills, passion and a good knowledge of the blend. We take this very seriously because knowing how to brew a great cup of coffee is essential to your business. This is why we carry out regular training sessions for our clients with flexible schedules and free of charge. Our training consultants have over 12 years of experience in the coffee industry and have the skills to teach the art of coffee making, covering all aspects, from basic barista skills to the more advanced topics such as latte art and the finer details of coffee extraction.

Content of a Barista training session

This will cover the following topics:

The blend

Detailed introduction of Scotties Coffee blend and a brief description about how the coffee is roasted.

The Blend

Packing a shot

Learning how to use and adjust the grinder’s settings. This is essential to brew the perfect coffee extraction before you dose, tamp, extract and taste the coffee.

packing a shot


Learning how to recognise different tasting notes in a cup of coffee.

Coffee Tasting

The coffee menu

You’ll learn the difference between all types of coffee, such as espresso, ristretto, macchiato, latte, cappuccino,mocha, long black & Americano, etc.

the coffee menu

Latte art

This will cover milk frothing and latte art technique.

latte art

Machine maintenance and cleaning

This is necessary to keep your coffee machine and equipment in working order.

coffee machine maintenance