Costa Rica!


Our new blend will consist of 80% Guatemala and 20% Costa Rica to give it a rich, smooth finish.

We are so lucky to have bought beans from a fantastic farm in Costa Rica that cares about their farmers and the environment.

Sonora is an amazing farm of around 100 hectares, located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, at the foot of the Poas Volcano. Specialising in honey and natural processed coffees, the farm is composed of 45 hectares of highly shaded coffee, 35 hectares of wild forest reserve, and 20 hectares of sugar cane. The diverse eco-system and rich volcanic soil make for ideal coffee growing conditions, and exotic trees and vegetation provide refuge for native wildlife. All of the energy consumed by the farm is 100% renewable, harvested on the farm from their own water wheel, and they provide free accommodation for all their farm workers.

We’re so close to creating the blend we want, and when we do you’ll be the first to taste on all of our sites.

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