Espresso is all about speed and intensity. It’s the most complex method of brewing coffee so an understanding of the basic principles is important to achieve quality results. 

What you’ll need:  

An espresso machine, freshly ground coffee, a tamper, a measuring spoon. 


  • Remove your portafilter from the group head twisting from right to left.
  • Flush the group head for a few seconds. 
  • Hold handle and place portafilter on an even surface. 
  • Dose the basket with freshly ground coffee. For a double shot 17-19g of coffee is recommended. 
  • Tamp using your body weight rather than muscular pressure. Tamping needs to be level, consistent and comfortable. Enough force so the grounds stay in the basket when turned upside down. 
  • Lock the portafilter into the group head by twisting it from left to right and begin the extraction immediately 
  • Aim for a few drips at the start easing into a heavy syrup chocolate brown pour. This is a sign of a good flow rate. Recommended timing is between 25-30 sec. 
  • Enjoy!