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The Scotties search for Arabica beans in Honduras

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In our search for ethical coffee beans, this journey was the most hair-raising trip to the plantations so far!

I’ve always been keen for some adventure when I’m travelling and back in 2016 I was fully aware of the issues I might face as I ventured from the well-travelled tourist paths, but I wasn’t expecting a near plane crash into the mountain whilst travelling back from a small Caribbean Island, Roatan.

A storm was brewing and I was told there was a small window of opportunity to get back now or stay for 4 days until it passed. I took it.

scotties honduras flight

The storm hit our small plane and we nearly crashed several times into the mountain, which was just to the left of me, so close I could see rain drops on the trees!

20 minutes later we were back on the island, with most of us having sick on our laps! A few days later I was able to leave the island and start my coffee plantation trip, to Finca Santa Isabel, in Copan.

scotties honduras plantation
Finca Santa Isabel, in Copan

They grow Arabica beans and are a family run business. It’s obvious that they really care about the people who work for them as well as the environment.

scotties honduras coffee
Finca Santa Isabel, in Copan

I chose this particular plantation as they are Certified by the Alliance Rainforest. The Rainforest Alliance works with farmers, foresters, communities, governments, other NGOs, and companies to create a world where people and the planet can prosper together.

scotties honduras dry mill
Dry mill, Finca Santa Isabel, in Copan

Their coffee, and the coffee in every funny little back street shop, café, roadside stop is always amazing. It’s the first coffee trip I can say that about.

The coffee we’re using today is organic and from that region.

We don’t always stock it, but when you see it on our website, grab a bag and know that you’re supporting a great coffee plantation.

scotties honduras rice wine
The Rice Wine was not to my taste…