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Brazil Palmital


Brazil Palmital

Creamy body and moderate acidity. Dark chocolate, caramel, creamy cashew notes.


  • Aeropress
  • Cafetiere/French Press
  • Espresso
  • Stove top
  • V60/Dripper
  • Whole beans
  • 1kg
  • 250g
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Tasting notes: Creamy body and moderate acidity. Dark chocolate, caramel, creamy cashew notes.  

 A creamy well-balanced coffee with hints of cashew and intense dark chocolatey after taste.  

 Brazil is by far the world’s largest coffee producer, controlling more than 30% of international production. Brazil is also the world’s second largest consumer after US as it consumes about 50% of its own production. 

Brazilian coffee is preferred by many as a base for espresso blends because of its moderate acidity and smooth taste. 

Fazenda Palmital, in the mountains of the Serra So Pau S’Alho in the district of Cabo Verde, southern Minas Gerais, was purchased in the 1920s by Joaquim Sebastião de Souza, the current owner’s grandfather. Today all workers have full legal benefits. The farm also provides employees and their families with free transportation to primary and secondary schools and medical care in Cabo Verde.   

Locations: South America
Country: Brazil
Estate: Fazenda Palmital
Town: Cabo Verde
Region: South of Minas Gerais
Harvest: May to August
Varieties: Catuai and mundo novo
Process: Pulped Natural and Natural
Altitude: 950 – 1150 masl 
Roast: Medium 

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Weight 250 g

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